Leadership Styles c900 AD

Abul Hasan Ali Al-Masudi

Abul Hasan Ali Al-Masudi

Mas‘ūdī was a geographer / historian from Baghdād, born around 890 AD he died in Egypt in 956 AD.

He travelled extensively, studying the great religions of the world. He observed, recorded and reported his findings in many texts including The Meadows of Gold.

Here is his advice on communication and leadership.

“Having found pearls of every kind and of every shade scattered here and there, gather them into a necklace and make them a precious piece of jewellery, an object of great worth that its purchaser will cherish with great care.”

What are you waiting for? Start gathering pearls.


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About the Author: Adam Blackie is a professional Interim Manager who leads service delivery teams through their change programmes. He works with CEO’s and their Boards in the UK to change the way technology is used by staff and their customers.


About Adam Blackie

A career Freelance Accountant who specialises in leading helping others to hold onto their money.
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