Recognising serendipidy

Andreas Scholl

Andreas Scholl Bach Cantatas

A quick look at Wikipedia describes Serendipity as a “happy accident” or “pleasant surprise”; specifically, the accident of finding something good or useful while not specifically searching for it.

But is it of any use when managing projects?

Here is my example.

This week I was looking for a CD to play in the car on the regular journey to work in Cambridge. On a fairly random basis I picked up some Bach cantatas by Andreas Scholl.

Then on the journey, Sarah Mohr-Pietch from Radio Three announced that Andreas was playing a concert that night with the Academy of Ancient Music at Kings College Chapel in  ……..Cambridge.

Then Sarah played the piece of Music that I had planned to listen to. From here on in the scope and cost of my personal project changed. I arrived at work, called the booking line to enquire about tickets and bought two for a most delightful evening.

What did I learn? As a manager it is tempting to set the scope of a project and then stick rigidly to the plan that one has devised. Generally this is good discipline, but some flexibility and opportunism can add unexpected value along the way. I learned to remember to look out for these opportunities at work.

Have a great week.


About the Author: Adam Blackie is the author of Your Digital Personality and a professional Interim Manager who leads information management teams through their change programmes. He works with CEO’s and their Boards in the UK to change the way technology is used by staff and their customers.


About Adam Blackie

A career Freelance Accountant who specialises in leading helping others to hold onto their money.
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