The key to an Interim Manager’s CV

A Good CV?

Interim managers need to communicate well.

Our CV is part of the initial  communication.

I have several versions of my CV developed over 10 years. Now, I am not saying that mine is the best out there, but it is mine, it reflects who I am, it is my own work and I am happy with that.

It has had advice from friends, colleagues and a few professional CV writers over the years. Some of the comments I have ignored, much of it has been very valuable.

Unfortunately, I don’t really know which advice was worthwhile because I know that I cannot appeal to everyone with one CV. The best that I can do is present a summary picture of myself,  in as few words as possible and hope to get the client’s attention.

Here is my experience from the other side of the table, when reviewing applicant CV’s.

If it is difficult to follow or not targeted to the role I am trying to fill, I put aside on a “reserve” pile. If I find a good short-list from the ones that are easier to read then it is very likely that the reserves will never be properly assessed.

A successful CV will have around 20 seconds of attention; and that is the key to writing a good one.

Have a great week.


About the Author: Adam Blackie is an author and a professional Interim Manager who leads information management teams through their change programmes. He works with organisations in the UK to change the way technology is used by staff and their customers.


About Adam Blackie

A career Freelance Accountant who specialises in leading helping others to hold onto their money.
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